Who We Are

BP8 Fitness is the brainchild of former NHLer and London, Ontario local Brandon Prust, designed to release the inner athlete in everyone.  Through dynamic group fitness classes led by experienced professionals, we inspire and motivate people to get fit, toned, lean, and disciplined while having fun!  We are committed to providing our clients with top-rate training programs that deliver on their fitness goals.



With our dedicated staff at the helm working towards helping people reach their peak performance levels through empowering guidance and instruction – our vision is revolutionizing how one can achieve excellence in athletics no matter what level they are starting from.



Our mission is to be a premier fitness destination for athletic development by teaching proper form, technique, dedication, mental strength, and discipline – all within an encouraging community atmosphere.


Our Team

Brandon Prust

Brandon Prust

CEO & Chief Trainer

The Heartbeat of BP8 Fitness

From the high-energy arenas of the NHL to the bustling floors of BP8 Fitness, Brandon Prust, our CEO and Chief Trainer, stands as a testament to unwavering passion and commitment. His journey from an illustrious NHL hockey career to spearheading BP8 Fitness reflects more than just a transition; it represents a deep-seated desire to mold holistic health transformations for every individual.

In the NHL, Brandon’s unparalleled dedication to fitness distinguished him as an athlete perpetually at his peak. Today, he channels that same intensity and commitment into BP8 Fitness, ensuring every client benefits from a caliber of training that is elite, personalized, and transformative.

But BP8 Fitness, under Brandon’s vision, is more than just another fitness hub. It is an ecosystem of wellness, integrating high-intensity interval routines with practical, functional training. Beyond the sweat and burn, BP8 Fitness is about an experience, a community, and a transformative journey. With Brandon leading the charge, every session at BP8 isn’t just a workout; it’s a step closer to redefining personal potential and achieving fitness aspirations.

Brady Rowland

Brady Rowland

Director of Operations

Steering Success at BP8 Fitness

Brady, our Director of Operations at BP8 Fitness, combines his 15-year gym training expertise with an athletic background in hockey, football, and rugby. A Kinesiology graduate from Western University, where he showcased his prowess playing for the Mustangs varsity men’s rugby team, Brady went on to master Osteopathic manual therapy.

This blend of academic and real-world experience gives him a profound understanding of the human physique, and how to harness its full potential. From elite athletes to spirited grandparents, Brady’s clientele is as diverse as his expertise. With BP8 Fitness’s unwavering dedication to personalizing your fitness journey, under Brady’s guidance, you’re not just meeting your goals, you’re transcending them.

Michael Nicholas

Michael Nicholas

Business Development Manager

Charting New Horizons at BP8 Fitness

Michael, our Business Development Manager at BP8 Fitness, is a seasoned professional with a deep-rooted passion for the fitness industry that stretches across borders. With a solid foundation in Marketing, complemented by a minor in Finance, Michael owns and operates two of the most prominent fitness centers in the Caribbean. He is spearheading the launch of the innovative BP8 gyms across Canada, amalgamating his expertise from diverse landscapes to create fitness solutions that resonate universally.

This experience brings a unique, global perspective to BP8 Fitness. His unparalleled market insights, combined with a proven industry track record, ensure that our clients benefit from world-class strategies tailored to meet and surpass their fitness ambitions. With Michael at the helm of business development, BP8 Fitness is not just on a trajectory of brand expansion, but also of elevating client experiences to new global benchmarks.